You’ve got the script–the actors–the shooting locations–but what about the props? There are several ways to get props for your production:

  • For one-of-a-kind art: Fabricate them yourself.
  • For a one-stop shop: Find props for sale or rent at a prop warehouse.
  • For generic props: Purchase items from a store.
  • For vintage props: Purchase items from an estate sale.
  • For hero props: Go to a prop house auction.
  • For custom props: Contact a prop fabricator or 3D print studio.

Why Use a Prop Warehouse?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Most producers try to source as much as they can from a full-service prop warehouse before piecing together their odds and ends through one of the other methods. Since most productions are under tremendous time crunches, not to mention budgetary considerations, procuring through a full-service prop warehouse can be just the ticket. Many establishments let you rent or buy the items you need out of a vast inventory numbering well into the tens of thousands.

How To Get Production Props

Though a props master is typically responsible for sourcing props, production designers, directors, and other crew members may be involved.

You’ll need to read the script thoroughly to determine what is necessary. Highlight any objects mentioned and add notes in the margins indicating ideas you have while reading. It’s common to end up with some items you don’t necessarily need, but having several options on set is ideal.

As you walk through the prop warehouse or consider your needs, think about how you might set the time, place, or mood of your production using props. The size of your location will also dictate what dimensions you’re looking for or how many props you need.

Having a master props list is the best plan of action before setting out to procure them, though if you’re not sure exactly what you need, consulting an experienced prop master can also help bring your ideas to life.

What Props Can Do for Your Production

A prop, short for “property,” is generally handled by a prop master and refers to any item that is moved around the set by the actors or is not part of the architectural set build. This could be furniture, weapons, vehicles, artwork, or personal items. Dressing your set is necessary to execute your vision because it creates a believable world set in a particular time and place. Props are part of a production’s artistry and aesthetic.

With Movie Prop Rentals, You Get More Than Props

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