This past July, we spent a day in a vacant lot, building a construction site set for Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama. Prior to the shooting day, we drew up mock computer images that were in line with the client’s vision. Like the fictional construction crew we were filming, we had to build frames, walls, and rooms out of nothing. It just goes to show – any type of reality you can imagine, we can create!

About the Ad

The Blue Cross Blue Shield construction site commercial was aimed at showing how the Alabama insurer “covers what matters most” by providing one-on-one support, a helpful online symptoms checker, and an expansive network of healthcare professionals to make finding a doctor simple (anywhere, in any state). For this commercial, we worked alongside director Nick Piper from Rocket Films.

What We Did

Movie Prop Rentals created several medical suites embedded into a construction site frame. Every paint color, piece of furniture, and prop came from our studios. We created the construction scaffolding the suites sat upon — five bays across, three bays high.

Insider’s Perspective

“The commercial may only be 30 seconds, but a lot went into the production,” recalls Movie Prop Rentals co-director Jerry Blohm. “We had about an hour to shoot each sequence – the scaffolding, the kitchen, and the bedroom. There were a couple of dozen actors on set, so a lot of activity; we loved it. It was a fantastic day on set. We even got to try our hand at acting during the behind-the-scenes pre-visualization,” he laughs.

Movie Prop Rentals co-director Graylan Franklin adds: “As you can imagine for a ‘construction site shoot,’ we brought in all the heavy-duty equipment – a techno crane, the articulating Condor, front loaders, Bob Cats, cement trucks, retractable booms, scissor lifts, flatbeds, and sets on wheels. Lots of toys! So much of the action took place up high. We had to build stairs and use special lifts to get the talent up there. A lot of people don’t realize all that goes into a production. It’s almost never straightforward.”

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