Commercials happen in the blink of an eye. The music, the lighting, the set, the narration—everything has to be just right to capture the audience’s attention. That’s why people call Movie Prop Rentals. We know how to compose a scene that engages viewers the moment they see it. We refrain from overloading the scene, instead carefully choosing each item with purpose. A perfect example of our streamlined set design can be seen in Golf Galaxy’s “Better Your Best” ad– shown on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest in April 2021.

About the Commercial

Golf Galaxy’s 30-second spot, “Better Your Best,” takes viewers from a woman’s modern house to a restaurant kitchen, airport, office balcony, putting range, subway platform, and the fairway. Everywhere people are subtly imagining they’re swinging a golf club. “We are a special breed,” the announcer explains. “Driven by something altogether different– the belief that one day every last second of work will be worth it because we all know one thing– inside every golfer is a better one.”

What We Did

Movie Prop Rentals created all the different sets and loaned out all the props seen in “Better Your Best.” Residential or commercial, indoor, or outdoor, we’ve got the props, furniture, and accessories to make the setting look and feel authentic for your professional production. Most of our items come from real TV, music video, and Hollywood film sets.

Insider’s Perspective

“That opening scene is really our pride and joy in this one,” explained Movie Prop Rentals’ co-founder Graylan Franklin. “It was filmed so beautifully, from the outside looking in – you see a woman in a very contemporary home. She’s got white bookshelves, a chandelier, a fireplace, a framed photo, flowers in a vase, and a pair of eye-catching peach chairs. Everything you see in the frame was staged by Movie Prop Rentals. It’s simple but gives you the sense this woman is classy.”

“We’ve got tons of golf clubs, tees, golf balls, golf bags. You’d think we golfed on the weekend!” Movie Prop Rentals’ co-founder Jerry Blohm laughed. “Our set design arsenal has it all, from leisure accessories to office furniture. We loaned out all the benches, desks, chairs you see in the spot. Hiring us takes the pressure off because you don’t have to worry about storage, set up, tear down. We work with your design team to procure the items you need and offer a full-service setup.”

Contact Movie Prop Rentals for Your Next Music Video

Movie Prop Rentals is run by two former Hollywood professionals — artistic director Graylan Franklin and Propmaster Jerry Blohm. We’ve worked on hundreds of commercials and set builds for TV productions over the years. If we can’t find what you need in the tens of thousands of items in our Miami warehouse, we also make custom props in our 3D foam carving and sculpture studio next door. Whether you prefer to work with photographs or 3D CAD renderings, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Working on a tight timeline? We are flexible and resourceful. Contact us for a free quote!