If you want to transform your store into a festival environment, having eye-catching displays are crucial. The right lighting, materials, colors, and graphics can and will create a new sense of place– sometimes in as little as two weeks. You don’t have to call a contractor to gut the place, though; call Movie Prop Rentals for all your design needs. Our in-house crew can do it all– as you’ll see in our transformations of Duty-Free Stores at JFK and LAX airports during the Whisky Festival last year.

About the Whisky Festival

Duty-Free Stores at select airports around the world offered the opportunity to sip and savor different brands of whisky from May to August. Brand ambassadors educated audiences about products from Johnnie Walker and Royal Salute to Glenmorangie and Bruichladdich. Complimentary tastings, expert food pairings, and deep discounts helped moved products from the shelves during this special limited-time engagement.

What We Did

Creative design work for the Whisky Festival included tasting bar setup, the creation of tables that looked like whisky barrels, stock display podiums, and giant coasters that doubled as festival logo floor signs. We needed to create narrower aisles that directed traffic in a logical pattern through the range of whisky offerings.

“The pictures pretty much say it all,” says Movie Prop Rental’s, Jerry Blohm, “The warm reception area was key, but virtually everything you see– aside from the whisky bottles themselves– was done by us. All the displays are new, the walls, the flooring, the traffic flow.”

Movie Prop Rentals co-owner Graylan Franklin added, “We used inset LED lighting to produce a brilliant spotlight, without using a lot of energy. The floors are Formica, which looks glossy and classy, but also withstand a lot of traffic and maintain easily.”

“The airport environment presented unique challenges of its own,” explained Franklin, “As per their request, installation had to occur during the overnight hours. Only team leads were allowed in the building after 2 am. We needed guard escorts at all the entrances and loading docks. Afterward, everything had to be picked up and hauled away promptly.”

“Not to toot our own horn,” smiles Blohm, “but we were able to accomplish all that stuff in two weeks’ time with 10 guys– that’s it.”  This lean operation, combined with the number of in-house services offered, explains how Movie Prop Rentals can keep prices so affordable for the clients, Blohm adds. The team’s backgrounds on fast-paced Hollywood sets yield a “can-do” attitude and a tremendous work ethic that produces fantastic results.

Contact Movie Prop Rentals for your Festival Needs

Our company, Movie Prop Rentals, works from coast-to-coast to transform routinely used spaces into dynamic showcases. They are guaranteed to make a big impression among festivalgoers, whether you’re expecting a dozen or tens of thousands. With our background in Hollywood, the music industry, Fortune 500 commercials, and corporate events– we’ve worked with some of the most discerning clients to produce unforgettable results.

We design sets, curate props from our warehouses, fabricate custom props, build stages, arrange lighting, and create lighted signage. We also set up, store, and teardown. Whatever you need, we have the flexibility and resourcefulness to make it happen. Contact us for a free quote on all services.