Did you know Movie Prop Rentals can deliver a fully functional food truck to your location at short notice? Whether you’re throwing a party for a crowd, shooting for TV/film, or starting up a business, Movie Prop Rentals can help. We bring the perfect-looking food truck to your location and clean up after you’re done. Tax Act only needed a taco truck for a month-long commercial shoot, but it was the hero prop– highly visible and featured in scenes with one of the main actors.

About the Commercial

The “Taco Truck” TaxAct commercial was shot in the streets of Miami, Florida, in November 2020, alongside Easy Mondays production company, producer Asori, and director Luis Gerard– whom we’ve worked with before.

Here’s the story:

  • The scene opens with the TaxAct spokesperson leaning out of a taco truck, delivering the following pitch: “FACT: every tax company says they’re accurate.”
  • A young man walking down the street is assaulted by a sign-flipper advertising “Mostly Accurate” service from an imaginary competitor, “Quickie Tax.”
  • “But only TaxAct backs the return with our $100,000 accuracy guarantee,” the spokesperson continues.
  • Money starts blowing out of the man’s backpack, and people start to take notice!
  • The commercial ends with the slogan: “File for less and get more — with TaxAct.”

What We Did

Movie Prop Rentals procured the taco truck for the shoot. We started with a highly-distinctive bubble gum pink “Las Mexicanas” taco truck from our friends here in Miami, Florida. We covered the logo with a wrap that said “TACO, Hot & Spicy,” which can partially be seen in one of the shots. We replaced “Keep Calm – Here We Are” overtop the windshield with “Any Time is Taco Time.” We also designed the “Quickie Tax” sign.

Insider’s Perspective

“You can’t miss this truck. The shots were framed, so the phone number and Las Mexicanas logos were cut out,” explains Movie Prop Rentals’ Jerry Blohm. “Anyone from Miami will know whose truck it is, but nationally, audiences will just get the gist that the TaxAct guy is hiding out in a taco truck.”

“We’ve worked with TaxAct on a number of commercials,” Movie Prop Rentals cofounder Graylan Franklin adds. “Sometimes they need us to drop an office from a 40-foot crane and build a shipwreck. Other times, they need a 90s SUV that can withstand possible damage from a bear. This was a walk in the park by comparison!”

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