Fewer industries are more crowded than the food and beverage industry. There are over 25 brands of vodka in the US alone, hundreds worldwide. Smirnoff may be a household name, but they knew they had to go big at Wynwood Marketplace in Miami’s hippest neighborhood. By day, art, fashion, and music take the spotlight, but by night, mixology becomes the main attraction. Smirnoff trusted Movie Prop Rentals to develop an unforgettable display that patrons couldn’t ignore.

About the Project

Flamingoes and pool floats have become symbolic of summer. So why not combine the two? Yet, to get people to take notice, Smirnoff would have to make a larger flamingo float than what exists anywhere in the world. That’s why they came to us. If we can make a floating skate ramp, we can make a floating flamingo!

What We Did

In the end, the flamingo measured 30 feet tall. We custom 3D-printed the flamingo out of foam, all carved, painted, and hand-finished in-house by our team of skilled artists. Since we are in Miami– home to near-hurricane winds on a normal day– we reinforced the entire sub-structure with steel, though you couldn’t see it with the naked eye. To the public, it just looked like a three-story pool float.

In addition to creating the flamingo, we also built a full bar to complement the display– installing everything and tearing it down when the event was over. It’s not always easy to find a full-service company in Miami, but our background in set design helps us offer these services with confidence.

Insider’s Perspective

“After decades in Hollywood, we fully know anything that can happen will happen,” explained Movie Prop Rentals’ Graylan Franklin. “In fact, because you’re working on this big, important, expensive project under deadline pressure, the most ridiculous, inconceivable things will happen. So, we’ve learned to always be a little paranoid– and plan for contingencies.

“There was a mini rainstorm,” recalled company co-founder Jerry Blohm. “It came through blowing about 40 mile-an-hour winds, raining sideways– and the flamingo still held up fine! I’m pretty proud of that, actually.”

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