Commercials are rarely filmed “on set.” The logistical challenges can be overwhelming, from obtaining permissions and permits to crowd control and adjusting sound and lighting. Professionals like Movie Prop Rentals are often called to build the sets in true Hollywood “backlot” fashion. We recently built a full set from scratch for a Don Pablo gourmet coffee ad.

About the Project

The commercial opens with a shot of a saloon. It’s made of real wood, with benches, tin roofing, an old wagon wheel on the wall, double doors, a wood sign reading SALOON, and a chalkboard reading “ARM WRESTLING PRIZE MONEY.” A woman dressed in a mustache and cowboy hat steps inside, which features a full, wooden bar with a cattle skull centerpiece. There are also books, bottles, buckets, and whiskey casks on the shelves. The woman drinks Don Pablo, wins the wrestling competition, and steps outside with her prize money.

What We Did

Movie Prop Rentals constructed the saloon exterior and bar interior. We used motion picture props from our enormous Miami warehouse to take viewers back in time and suspend disbelief. The director’s choice of black-and-white filming and old-time music certainly adds to that effect. Our team’s background in set design, art direction, prop mastering, and 3D printer custom-fabrication means that anything is possible for your production.

Insider’s Perspective

“Any chance we get to use that enormous cattle skull, I’m happy,” said Movie Prop Rentals’ Jerry Blohm. “I’m also excited any time we get to use a trick bottle that smashes into a zillion pieces over someone’s head. I’ve worked in this business for decades, but I can honestly say there’s never a dull moment!”

“Saloons are a hot commodity, believe it or not,” added co-founder, Graylan Franklin. “We’ve built saloons for alcohol brands and for NBA star Shaquille O’Neill’s Superbowl party. It’s a really handsome aesthetic, with all the rustic, natural wood. A few simple props– like the skull Jerry mentioned or the wagon wheel– really set the gears in motion and get the imagination rolling.”

Call Movie Prop Rentals for Full Set Design and Prop Rental

At Movie Prop Rentals, we are a full-service company that can design your set from a CAD rendering through completion, aiding with setup, storage, and teardown. We’ve built sets for Fortune 500 company events and commercials, Hollywood productions, celebrity parties, music videos, and more. Contact us for a free custom quote.