Movie Prop Rentals brings visions to life with memorable props, vehicle rentals, and set design expertise for the stars. Music video producers know when they need something done, we’ve got the resources and the talent to make it happen. No matter where you are in the country or what kind of deadline you’re up against, Movie Prop Rentals’ Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin will get it done. In May 2021, we got a call from DJ Khaled we couldn’t refuse.

About the Music Video

Our friend DJ Khaled is well-known for celebratory summer anthems, and Let It Go is no exception. Ben Brutocato from HipHopDX called it a “sunny pop banger,” while Rolling Stone’s Jeff Ihaza called it “bouncy” and “magical” – in a way that “defies all logic but is somehow the perfect song.” This popular track comes off Khaled Khaled, which easily landed on Billboard 200’s top spot. The video immediately picked up widespread attention and over 26 million views.

What We Did

Featuring a posh golf green setting, “Let It Go” pays homage to the 1996 Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore. Movie Prop Rentals supplied every prop you see in the video– the drinks, the umbrellas, the golf clubs, the giant scoreboards. It’s a song about enjoying summer, letting go of the things you can’t control, and– in signature Khaled style– it’s about money! All in all, Khaled told his Instagram followers, “It was one of my favorite videos ever!”

Insider’s Perspective

“There were three props that had a lot of people talking,” explained Movie Prop Rentals’ Jerry Blohm. “Everyone wanted the custom Lamborghini golf carts we procured from Ari Rivera at the Classic Car Club of Miami. These beautiful little vehicles have more fans than their full-sized luxury counterparts!”

He continued, “People also wanted to know where to get those delicious-looking cookies. While Crumbl Cookies is a real bakery with chains across the country, the actual cookies you see in the video were fabricated by us! This is true of pretty much any food you ever see on-screen. A cookie wouldn’t stay fabulous-looking after a full day of handling and box-tipping. The frosting would melt in the hot Florida sun. These are fun props to have on set. Was I counting how many people tried to sneak a bite? Maybe,” he smiled.

Movie Prop Rentals’ Graylan Franklin added, “My personal favorite was the life-sized rubber alligator DJ Khaled is wrestling toward the end. The gator is lifelike enough to pass the muster in close-up shots, though you’re probably tipped off by its fakeness as Khaled barrel-roll-wrestles it down toward the golf course swamp.” But that’s the beauty of Movie Prop Rentals– if you need something for your shoot, anything, we find a way to get it for you. If Khaled wanted a real, live gator, complete with a trainer, we could’ve done that, too.

When You Need Over-the-Top Props, Call Movie Prop Rentals!

Movie Prop Rentals has two warehouses with tens of thousands of props used in major motion pictures. From Miami to California, we have a vast network of contacts to procure any item you can possibly imagine. If we can’t find what you’re looking for or need something supersized, we can 3D print and fabricate it in our custom shop!

We’ve worked on thousands of music videos for top artists, so don’t hesitate to contact us for props, special effects, vehicle rentals, set design expertise, or anything you need to pull off the perfect visual representation of your chart-topping song.